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What is Life Coaching?


Although the coaching industry is relatively new to the world, this concept is not.   Socrates, for example, had encouraged this same philosophy over 2000 years ago.  Many eastern philosophies and religions, such as Buddhism, introduced this to civilizations even earlier, around the 6th century BC, specifically.  I believe that it has been due to the rush towards materialism and modernity that we globally have gotten lost in the shuffle of the fast-food mentality and therefore have detrimentally shifted our gifts away from our inner souls.  


The hallmark and purpose of life coaching is to establish a partnership between coach and client to help the client reach goals.  The focus is primarily on solutions and working towards positive change.  The role of the life coach is to provide an objective perspective while contributing areas of expertise to assist the client is reaching goals and facilitate the achievement of solutions.  Coaching is based on the fundamental belief that the client has the strengths and abilities needed to solve problems but does not have access to them due to their own barriers.  The Coach/Client relationship is a collaboration of efforts to remove these barriers so that a preferred reality can be created.  


I specialize in three types of coaching.  To learn more about each, please click on the area of interest under the "Services" tab.