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There are several payment plans available.  


Sessions can be pay-as-you-go or purchased in a discounted package as shown to the right.  

Single Session .... $95.00


4 Sessions    ......  $375.00


8 Sessions    ......  $750.00


12 Sessions  ...... $1125.00


16 Sessions  ...... $1500.00




All payments are due at the start of each session.  For session packages, payments are due at the start of the first session of each package.


Intake sessions can be up to 90 minutes and are $120.00.


Regular coaching sessions are 60 minutes.  However, it is common to book a

double session (2 hr), for which two sessions will be charged.


Unfortunately, coaching is not covered by insurance.


I accept all forms of payment, however there is a nominal 3% surcharge fee

for debit or credit card transactions via Paypal.    


*In order to be as thorough as possible, I encourage consultations to be in person, though not required.