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Life Coaching

Life coaching is focused on making changes and finding solutions to achieve a different preferred reality than what the individual or family is currently experiencing.  In order for optimal change to occur, the frequency of life coaching sessions are typically once weekly.  Life coaching can be utilized by an individual seeking solutions for desired change where there may be barriers or a feeling of "being stuck" is preventing a preferred outcome.  Alternatively, life coaching can also be utilized by a couple wanting to work on their relationship, or by a whole family system with relational issues throughout the family unit.


My professional approach is focused around the family as a system with circular interactional patterns that affect all members of the family.  In other words, conflict is not caused by one person, but through the dysfunctional interactional patterns caused by all members in the family system.  Each member of the family may have individual and unique issues, but I believe problematic interaction is not caused by a single member of the family.  Therefore, one of the aspects of a family on which I focus are the various relationship dynamics within the system, such as the parent-child relationship, the couple dyad, the relationship among siblings, and/or the intergenerational relationships with extended family members.  I also examine the various roles, hierarchies, power, alliances, and family rules within the system.  Interventions may consist of assisting the family in changing the way they interact with one another so that the system can be restored to stability.